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Designing Medical is pleased to offer consulting and contract services to individuals, small and large organizations interested in designing, developing and commercializing innovative medical device ideas.

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Ask about Designing Medical's new product designs.

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Designing Medical working with client company to launch new devices.

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Designing Medical to attend ACG 2014 in Philadelphia, PA.


About Us

Designing Medical takes a simple and efficient approach to designing and developing new products. Through a proven network of experienced industry professional, Designing Medical has the ability to successfully commercialize new product ideas or improve on existing ones.

Good ideas need start to somewhere. Designing Medical has a history of working closely with physicians, nurses and medical professionals to find ideas and design and develop new products and procedures to improve patients' way of life.

What makes us unique is our approach and the attention we give to each project.




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Medical Device Design

Let our simple and efficient approach to designing, developing and commercializing new innovative medical device ideas, go to work for you.

Necessary Resources

Connect with our network of industry professionals. We have the necessary resources and infrastructure to turn new innovative medical device ideas into successful businesses.

Pre-Seed Funding

Let's discuss your idea in confidence. We are in search of promising new medical device ideas that address unmet needs in the market place.

All Inclusive...

From concept to commercialization, take advantage of our Customer Specific Resource Infrastructure to support the needs of your idea.  

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Latest News

  • Idea Center open for business!
  • Designing Medical offers contract design and manufacturing services.
  • Let us help you with your regulatory and 510(k) submission projects.
  • Do you want to uniquely position your new idea in the market. We can help!
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